What kind of work do we offer?

Below you will find a detailed list of our range of services.

Who are our customers?

We work for private individuals with small apartments as well as for major customers with properties up to 100,000 m².

How do our projects look like?

Below you will find a small selection of our projects of the past years.

Our Services

We cooperate with a lot of partners, civil engineering firms and staff, so we can offer a wide range of expert knowledge:

  • estimation of costs
  • calculation of costs in every step of planning
  • step-by-step cost control
  • calculation of costs because of disagreements
  • investigation of accounts
  • revision
  • reports on organisations
  • reports on staff
  • coordination and control of building-workflow
  • improvement of planning with regard to costs and quality
  • improvement of price-schedules
  • security-check of buildings
  • accompanying quality-control of a building-site
  • acceptance tests
  • investigation of damage and its cause
  • statement of the status quo
  • investigation of defects
  • investigation of damage

law-courts, architects, banks, constructing firms, insurance firms, authorities, superintendants, house owners, investors, companies, lawyers, administrations, facility management companies, engineers

  • calculation of power requirements
  • reports on taking-of-evidence
  • reports of arbitration
  • reports on accounts
  • reports for court of justice
  • reports on damages, defects, etc
  • reports because of trouble in construction schedule
  • reports on costs
  • reports on real estate
  • reports on general contracting and construction
  • thermography
  • reports on mould and fungi
  • reports on damage caused by water and water intrusion
  • verification of quantity-computation
  • computation of quantities
Consultations/ recommendations
  • due diligence
  • consultation in contract-matters (with lawyers)
  • check of price-schedules
  • support during the contract-awarding procedure
  • repair and maintenance
  • reports on rehabilitation
  • write the schedules of prices for rehabilitations

Sample Projects

Below are photos of some of our recent projects.

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