Regierungsbaumeister, construction engineer Bernd Ehrmann

We cooperate with a lot of partners, civil engineering firms, consulting engineers and staff, so we can offer a wide range of expert knowledge. We help you:

  • every time and everywhere,
  • beginning with the plannings, during the building works and at least with the administration.

We help you with:
estimation of costs, calculation of costs in every step of planning, cost controls step by step, calculation of costs because of disagreements, investigation of the accounts, revision, calculation of the power requirements, reports for taking of evidence, reports of arbitration, reports of accounts, reports for court of justice, reports because of damages, defects, reports because of trouble in construction schedule, reports of costs, reports of real estate, reports of general contracting and construction, thermografie, reports because of mould fungus, reports because of damages caused by water and of water intrusion, reports about organisations, reports about staff, reports to coordination, improving the plannings in subject of costs and quality, improve the schedules of prices, verify the computations of quantities, quality controls, security check of buildings, accompany a building site because of quality, acceptance tests, investigate damages and the causes, statement to the status quo, investigation of defects, supervision

in Munich, in Bavaria, in Germany, in Europe and even all over the world!
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